About Elite

Our company was founded by experienced RV pros who didn’t want to settle for “good enough.”

They saw an outdated industry — one that normalized customers losing time and money — so they set out to change it.

Because of our history, Elite RV is dedicated to always finding a better way. From consistent, transparent communication to drastically shortened repair times, we work to delight our customers with exceptional service that puts them back on the road in no time.

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Elite RV Roof and Collision - How We Help DFW Get Back On The Road Faster

What Drives Us

A clear view of where we’re going (and how we’re getting there) guides each and every member of the team.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

We drive new adventures by getting you back on the road faster.

Our Vision

A singular dedication to improving the customer experience will transform RV ownership.

Meet the Team

Brandon Matthews | Service Advisor

Brandon M.

Service Advisor

Taylor R.

Marketing and Sales