RHINO RV Roof Linings

Nature’s elements can wreak havoc on your RV’s roof. Fortunately, our trained technicians can apply a permanent, no-leak solution that’s guaranteed to stand up to whatever storms come your way. Rhino Linings Eco-Coat® RV Roof Protection will be the last roof you will ever need.

Elite RV Roof and Collision proudly offers RHINO Eco-Coat® spray-on coatings to protect your RV, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel or motorhome.



What to Expect

Have a damaged roof? We make the process of upgrading to a Rhino spray-on roof simple.

The Perks

Premium Materials

To hold up to nature’s hardest hits, we use the industry-leading RHINO Eco-Coat® protective coating.

Water-tight and durable, this roofing solution gives you:

Once applied, you can hit the road without worrying about roof maintenance ever again. All of our Elite customers can enjoy this hassle-free roof coating solution because RHINO Eco-Coat® can be easily applied to any roof type, and in virtually any RV style.

Customers Never Have to Deal With Roof Sealant Again.

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Why You’ll Love It

Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed durability and transferability increase your RV’s value.


Leak-proof for life. This is the last roof your RV will need.


No more roof seals ever again, which means no more messy caulking.


Fully paintable and can be painted to match the exterior color of your unit. (It is not currently possible to tint Rhino Eco Coat – Requires paint.)


100% seamless coating that forms a watertight seal around any gaps, protrusions, and bolts.


Designed to last a lifetime and won’t bubble, crack or puncture.

Saves Money

Reduces your insurance premium.* Saves approximately $500 a year in roof sealant removal and replacement costs.


Superior UV protection engineered to reduce heat absorption by 20%. Keeps you and your crew cooler.

The Elite Difference

Unlike the other guys who perform RV roof installations, we fully remove all rubber and repair any issues with existing decking. After your roof decking is repaired, we install a fresh layer of wood decking to ensure the highest quality installation possible.

We service horse trailer roofs as well

Our coatings keep animals approximately 20% cooler in the summer!

Trust Us: We Know RV Roofs

So let us check yours out for free.

Don’t wait when it comes to your RV roof. Water damage or deteriorating roof structures will make your issue more expensive the longer you put it off. Use our online scheduling tool to book an inspection with our pros now!

*must verify with insurance provider